What we do

Brexit has changed the business landscape for many UK and EU based SME's; from the divergence of regulatory requirements for product conformity, to the delays to, and increased costs of, exporting.

We understand that SME's lie not only at the heart of our economies but also at the heart of our communities. Our goal is to help UK and EU based SME's overcome the post-Brexit challenges.

  • UK and EU based manufacturers exporting goods requiring CE or UKCA marking, are now required to have appropriate representation resident in the relevant export market. 

  • The introduction of customs checks means that UK and EU based manufacturers are finding that delayed deliveries and increased shipping costs are impacting the viability of their export business.

Whilst many larger businesses have resolved these problems by establishing subsidiaries in the relevant export market, this is simply not a commercially viable option for the vast majority of SME's.

With a footprint in both the EU (Germany) and the UK (Manchester), we have the Regulatory Compliance (CE & UKCA) and Fulfilment Service (Storage & Distribution) solutions to these problems.

Regulatory Compliance

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UK and EU manufacturers have major hurdles to overcome in  ensuring regulatory conformity of their products outside their own customs area. Not least amongst these requirements is the obligation to have appropriate representation resident in the export market. We ensure you are compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Fulfilment Services                                         

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Cross border trading has been significantly disrupted for many SME's, with the additional costs and delays of exporting goods threatening their market share by diminishing their ability to meet customer  needs. With our fulfilment service solution, we store and distribute your products to your customers across the EU or UK.