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The Impact of Brexit

The Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, and the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation treaty came into force on 1 January 2021. This meant that the UK had left the EU single market and customs union, and exports and imports in both directions became subject to customs checks. Many businesses, and SME's in particular, are finding this post-Brexit trading environment is having a significantly detrimental impact on their ability to maintain pre-Brexit export levels. Whilst many (larger) businesses have solved the problem by establishing subsidiaries in the target export market, the cost of doing so is proving prohibitively expensive for many smaller businesses.

This is where our Fulfilment Service (Storage & Distribution) Solution comes in, providing exporters with the assurance of speedy and reliable delivery of products to their customers across the customs border.

Our Fulfiment Service Solution

We provide a storage and distribution solution to EU and UK based SME's. Our solution enables exporters to maintain a stock of goods in the relevant customs area (EU or UK) for immediate shipping to their customers in that jurisdiction. This solution eliminates delays and ensures that the time from order placement to delivery will be similar to, if not shorter than, those applicabe pre-Brexit. 

Where your product requires Regulatory Compliance, we manage this as Fulfilment Service Provider (read more here).